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Frequently Asked Questions


HOW TO MAKE A QUALITY VIDEO TO SEND TO VBC:  Use your smart phone or ipad to shoot a video of your players swing or pitch.


Make sure to shoot the video with your smart phone or ipad horizontal (see image below). For the best result in analyzing, please try to get as close to the hitter or pitcher as possible. If you are shooting a hitting video, position yourself so that the hitter is facing you (1st base dugout for right handed hitters and 3rd base dugout for left handed hitters).

If taping a pitcher, make sure to get the entire pitching motion from side view (1st base side for left handed pitcher and 3rd base side for right handed pitcher). Also, get a view from behind home plate. Please send videos of one pitching motion or one swing. Anything more than one of each will take a very long time to download.

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